Email Appending

Do you want to get your email address of your prospects? If yes, we can assist you with that. Gaps in your data files such as email data can lead to missed sales opportunities. Our email appending service, what’s Appending? Will match email addresses to your existing customer database and turn your contact list into a powerful tool that enables both traditional and digital communication with your target market.

Our email appending services involves either a business or consumer database made up of contacts including their name, address and company name [for business contacts] if your company wants to expand into email communication, then we can involve our service provider who has a database of email addresses in order to merge the data together and append business or consumer email addresses to your existing file. In this way you can have an updated database with the current email address of individuals on the list.

Phone Appending

Customers prefer verbal interaction with businesses. Want to call your customers? We can append telephone numbers to your customer and prospect lists. This service can be performed quickly and accurately when you provide us with name and mailing address information.

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Postal Address Appending

You have built great database of your existing customers, but you don’t have their postal address? We can help you add postal address to your existing email address database. ZIP code can be an added beneficial to postal address.

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